IBITEK arranges IBIDAYS in Tunisia

IBITEK-Tunisia held its IBIDAYS at the beginning of June, in Hammamet

Many Tunisian industrial companies (in cement, petrochemicals, phosphate …) had the opportunity to discover the skills and the innovative solutions developed by IBITEK

Our workshops allowed them to test all our iBiquity range:
– IBIDOC: the data management plans on tablet : a link between the department Methods, maintenance, and operational staff
– IBICUBE: the remote maintenance solution for maximum responsiveness
– IBIPROD: the monitoring and specialized reporting solution with a notably appreciated outage management module
– IBIXPERT: the optimization solution of industrial process
– IBITRUCK: the trucks flow management solution for your industrial site

These events were held in a friendly atmosphere and most participants were very interested

IBITEK is considering other IBIDAYS.