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Celebration of IBITEK-France new office

Friday, April the 29th, will remain an important step in the life of IBITEK-France.
Indeed, we inaugurated our new office located in the “Technopôle Marseille Provence”, 1 Rue Claudie Scheiner 13013 Marseille.

Learn more about the new office here

On that occasion, we invited clients, suppliers, service providers, founding members and also some of our colleagues who especially came from our offices in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Czech Republic, and even Brazil !
We shared altogether this great and uncommon event, around a very convivial cocktail buffet.

Xavier VELUT, President of IBITEK-France, took advantage of this moment to recall some of the “historical” steps of IBITEK-Group’s life, and to communicate about our development prospects.

Mr. Abid Heddoun, President of our sister company CA2E-Morocco, reminded the team spirit that drives us.

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Everyone appreciated this special day, good mood was there (and the sun too!). The exchanges were particularly enriching, on both a professional and personal level.


Ibitek commissions its IBITRUCK software on a Lafarge site, in Morocco.

Lafarge Morocco shall provide itself with trucks flow optimization tool “IBITRUCK”, on its site of BOUSKOURA. The system gradually ramping up. Objective: 400 trucks / day

IBITEK-France-Morocco and CA2E jointly led the project 2TM (Truck Transaction Management) on the Lafarge site of Bouskoura, in Morocco. The 2TM project integrates the software platform IBITRUCK, edited by IBITEK.

The goal of this project was to optimize truck loading flow on site, with a focus on :

  • Customer satisfaction (with a faster delivery and an accurate tracking)
  • Automation of tasks in order to increase efficiency (checking, flow, loading …)
  • Centralization and distribution of information to different positions
  • Two-way communication with ERP and specifically the sale module (order management)

This ambitious project mobilized resources and expertise of our “Business Intelligence” department, on such diverse technologies as RFID authentication, video, recognition of license plates, OPC for barriers and interface with weighbridges. ..

IBITEK France move

IBITEK-France has a brand new location on Marseille-Provence Technopole.
It is a building with a resolutely modern architecture, in a circular arc, whose roof ‘sheds’ reminds our strong industrial attachment.

– From nearly 500m2, it consists of a wide open space where our different departments work together : Electricity, Automation and Business Intelligence (BI) departments, and also a platform tests.
– A long corridor serves some glassed offices, dedicated to different departments of the company, including Project Managers and Purchasing / Logistics.
– Finally, it leaves a large part to talks and friendliness, with two modular meeting rooms and also a nice relaxing space.


IBIALARM by IBITEK : sms/email OPC alarm notification

All involved Pole Business Intelligence team publish a new video presentation of IBIALARM.

You want to be notified in case of a serious accident in a production equipment ? IBIALARM is what you need!
Connected to your OPC server, the system generates a notification by SMS or EMAIL based on criteria you set.
You can create as many alerts as you want. So you can alert your maintenance teams before a problem occurs and avoid complete shutdown of the equipment.
Also, it will be very easy to create an alert in case of shutdown of equipment. Add an alert when the return operation of the motor drops to 0 and notify those affected by this problem (mechanics, electricians …).
When an alarm occurs, you can follow the evolution of the value of the sensor up to 12 months prior to the incident

Here is a summary of the features:
• Users management per profile (Administrator, Manager, Operator)
• Alarm Wizard
• Factory repository management (Workshops, Cause level 1 and 2, criticality levels, group email, group of people to be notified by SMS)
• Alarm display in real time curve display value
• Historical alarms analysis
• Email or SMS sending by modem
• Application Windows-compatible

IBITEK starts a station of grinding in Congo


The CIMAF clinker grinding plant, in Pointe-Noire, Congo, was started successfully at year end 2015

IBITEK-France and CA2E- Morocco led this project jointly with a local partner for the erection phase.

During commissioning, our site automation team used our IBICube by IBITEK solution, with the assistance of experts located in Marseilles (France).