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Reliable and secure remote maintenance solution


Your connected plant

The guarantee of a respected overall efficiency (OEE)

Access your process automation applications and your servers dedicated to production monitoring in complete safety.

Remote access to the supervision network

Connection on demand:

  • Outdoor access for on-call staff
  • Meeting room (read only)
  • Electrical rooms for easy troubleshooting

Time servers of the control system

New: IBICube rental with IBITEK expert assistance at a preferential rate.

The IBICube is wired to the administrative network, giving you absolute access control. To disconnect the IBICube from the administrative network, you just need to unplug it.

No interconnection between networks with IBICube, it has two separate network cards for the administrative network and the control network.

Your instrumentation and control network is therefore well isolated from other networks.

The IBICube has an integrated firewall guaranteeing the security of exchanges between the administrative network and the supervision network.

  • Wired connection to the administrative network
  • Separate network cards
  • Access by user authentication
  • Integrated firewall
  • Secure VPN connection between on-call staff and the administrative network
  • Encryption of data exchanged between the administrative network and the control and command network

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