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Reliable and secure remote maintenance

Remote support is a cost-effective solution for many businesses. Thanks to the networking of devices via the Internet, internal company networks and faster mobile networks, remote support has become an excellent alternative to on-site support in many application areas. Optimize your work and troubleshooting processes with IBITEK.

What is Remote Assistance?

Remote support allows a technician to monitor and maintain a device, plant or machine from a location other than where the device is located (usually via a remote PC ).

In industrial settings, remote assistance promises to reduce costs through improved plant availability and more efficient use of resources.

How to take control of a computer or machine remotely?

During remote maintenance, a connection is established between one device and another. In the case of passive transmission, the technician sees what the user sees and does, thanks to screen sharing. Active transmission allows the technician to control the device himself remotely: whether it is a PC or another system. It is also possible to transfer files to a user.

Devices can be regular computers, machines and more. Smart glasses are also used in remote maintenance applications. Connections do not need to be Internet-based.

Any device with an interface allowing connection via a network or a line can be maintained remotely, by an experienced user.

Why is an IT remote assistance service essential in 2023?

The importance of remote support for industry is growing, as digitalization has made it possible to operate and maintain equipment remotely.

This is not only useful in the event of a pandemic. In addition to increased safety, the technician saves travel costs and therefore time and money. The technician can also be on the other side of the world, which is advantageous, especially when it comes to very specific equipment that can only be maintained by a few experts. Customers’ broken machines are repaired and returned to service faster. Additionally, standard maintenance tasks do not disrupt business operations, as they can be performed outside normal business hours.

The systems and equipment to be maintained are more complex than traditional home computers. Thus, the simple installation of remote maintenance software is not enough. Solutions like IBICube can suit your more complex remote connection needs. It is undoubtedly one of the best solutions for factories that need help and need people they trust.

The advantages of a fast and efficient remote control:

By opting for a remote assistance service, you benefit from rapid and efficient support for your computer problems. You no longer need to travel to find a solution to your problem and you can be sure that your machine will be in good hands, but not only:

  • Reduce downtime and costs with fast onboarding
  • Quick remote support from a PC
  • Better security and improved awareness
  • Increase in the life of equipment that requires remote control
  • Get advice from industry experts
  • Prevent failures

Easy remote connection with IBITEK

If you have entered into a long-term industrial maintenance contract with us or wish to enter into a contract with us, please note that real-time remote support may be an integral part of the service we provide. IBITEK remote assistance is the best solution, if you need any help with trusted people, expert in industrial engineering.

For more information, you can contact us at: +33 491 058 350 or by email: 

Your connected factory

The guarantee of a respected overall return (TRG)

Access your process automation applications and your servers dedicated to production monitoring in complete safety.


Connection on demand:

  • External access for on-call staff
  • Meeting room (read only)
  • Electrical rooms for easy troubleshooting

Control system time servers

New: IBICube rental with IBITEK expert assistance, at a preferential rate

logiciel de pilotage de la production IBIPROD

The IBICube is wired to the administrative network, giving you absolute access control. To disconnect the IBICube from the administrative network, simply unplug it.

No interconnection between networks with the IBICube. This has two separate network cards, for the administrative network and the control network.

Your control-command network is therefore well isolated from other networks.

The IBICube has an integrated firewall
guaranteeing the security of exchanges between the administrative network and the supervision network.

Wired connection to the administrative network

Separate network cards

Access by user authentication

Built-in firewall

Secure VPN connection

between on-call staff and the administrative network

Data encryption

exchanged between the administrative network and the control command network

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