Industrial computing

A true center of innovation at IBITEK, our IT engineers respond to your issues, based on recognized technologies.

IBIQuity is the R&D department of IBITek, an industrial integrator of turnkey solutions in the field of electricity and automation. 30 years of experience that puts us closer to the concerns of our clients.

We identify a problem, detect a need, and respond to it by developing a suitable product, based on recognized technologies.

An exclusive and legitimate range of interconnected global solutions for industry.

  • Value your process


Solution modulable pour une logistique intelligente

  • Value your process


Suivi et pilotage de votre production en temps réel

  • Value your process


Solution de télémaintenance fiable et sécurisée


Data monitoring

From data collection to equipment management, including monitoring and reporting, we are able to implement business software for your industry.

Our expertise:

  • Data historization,
    • IP21 – Ignition
  • OPC / ETL Data Collection,
  • KPI performance indicator calculation,
    • Data exploitation: Report, curves, dashboard
    • Aggregation, consolidation, decision support
  • Management of production recipes,
  • Management / qualification of shutdowns, alarms.

Audit & IT Service

Our network of partners and the network of IBITEK Group allow an intervention anywhere in the world.

For even more reactivation, the IBICUBE solution allows a reliable and secure remote connection to your installations.

Our expertise:

  • Assistance in data collection
  • Drafting of technical specifications,
  • Configuration of Data Base / Data Lake,
  • Configuration of production reporting and optimization
  • Interface development (ETL) with third-party software,
  • System and network architecture design,
  • Computer room installation, rack, server,
  • Security of the PLC network (cybersecurity),
  • Training and technical assistance