Intelligent Business Industry Technology

Who are we ?

At IBITEK, we affirm our desire to bring intelligence into industrial processes, for optimization purposes.

Our motto “IBITEK, Solutions for Industry” reminds us that all our efforts must be focused on providing global and lasting solutions.

From our sites in Casablanca and Marseille, we are developing subsidiaries as close as possible to growing areas: Africa, Middle East, Latin America … in order to present ourselves as a global company, capable of intervening wherever our customers require it. .


TRG with our IBIQuity solutions

Average observed after implementation of IBITruck, IBIProd and IBICube

60 000

Hours per year

Carried out by our various design offices: electricity, automation and IT


Large turnkey projects

Through the EMEA zone in cooperation with our subsidiaries

Our sites


TEL : +33 491 058 350

1 Rue Claudie Scheiner
13013 Marseille

CA2E Maroc

TEL : +212 5223-42024

36, Lot. SNCI
Boulevard Al Binaâ
Z.I. Sidi Bernoussi
20590 Casablanca

IBITEK Algeria

TEL : +213 560 942 177
+213 561 663 086

Rue Douzi Mohamed Bat 03 Cage H
Bordj El Kiffan Alger

IBITEK Tunisia

TEL : +216 313 600 06
FAX : +216 313 600 07

Résidence Ines; Bat A 6-3
Boulevard de la Terre
Centre Urbain Nord – 1082 Tunis


TEL : +420 605 510 903

Pricna 1889
75501 Vsetin

Our activities

Electricity & Automation

Our core business is the realization of major turnkey projects. Widely mobilizing our teams and our local partners.

Business Intelligence

We have also developed a Business Intelligence department which allows us to provide managers with the dashboards necessary to manage their factories.

Discover our expertise

Our values

  • IBITEK’s greatest value is its people, and this is also our most important responsibility.

  • Our first priority is the safety of our employees or partners, and must be respected before any other consideration.

  • To guarantee this, we make sure that they are trained in industrial risks and that they have the appropriate protective equipment.

  • Each of us, wherever we intervene, must be exemplary in our conduct and carry this message.