Supplier of industrial equipment

IBITEK SMART PARTS offers to supply and transport your equipment wherever you need it.

What is industrial equipment?

A company often needs machines and technical tools to carry out its activity. Industrial equipment is used to manufacture, shape or package products within a company. For example, a firm may need forklifts, pallet pumps or technological equipment to maintain a database.

Industrial equipment can be classified into four categories: machine tools, transportation equipment, production equipment and measuring and control equipment.

What is the difference between industrial equipment and industrial tools?

Industrial tools are generally used to maintain machinery and contribute to crew safety. Industrial equipment is dedicated to the production, manufacturing and packaging of products, as we have seen previously.

IBITEK your industrial equipment supplier

IBITEK is a company which, since its creation, has been assisting actors of this sector in the choice and installation of industrial equipment, adapted to their needs and to their premises.

As a supplier of industrial equipment, our goal is to provide reliable and innovative solutions with high quality products. We select our partners on the basis of rigorous criteria: they are specialists in their field, with a strong European or even worldwide reputation.

Essential to many companies, industrial and production equipment (workstations, forklifts, pallet pumps, professional workshop workbenches, office furniture, industrial cabinets, drawer workbenches, chests of drawers, sub-assemblies and components for machine tools and other production equipment…) allow you to improve working conditions in your company and increase productivity. We have the expertise to install industrial equipment and provide you with a range of products that will meet your needs.

Our network of partners allows us to obtain a wide range of production equipment to improve the productivity of your teams and your production.

We collaborate with Schneider telemecanic, SIEMENS, Mirion Technologies, Socomec, ABB and more…

Installation of your industrial equipment all over the world

IBITEK is specialized in the installation of industrial equipment, worldwide. We intervene as well in industrialized countries as in developing countries. Our team is composed of experienced engineers and technicians who master the different aspects of industrial equipment installation.

Once the installation of the equipment is completed, our technicians also verify that it is perfectly compliant and operational.

You have a project? We can work with you to develop solutions that fit your goals and needs.

Supply & International Logistics

Entrepôt fournisseur d'équipements industriels et approvisionnement logistique

An urgent need for parts, a replenishment of your stock, or a project that requires several supplies before consolidation and shipping? Whatever the mode of transport, we can meet your needs.

With a solid experience in the supply of equipment for our international projects, we rely on privileged relationships with manufacturers in several fields (HV MV & LV electricity, electromechanics, automation, instrumentation…).

This brings competitiveness and reactivity to our offers.

We can also facilitate exchanges between manufacturers and you, and act as an intermediary.

Types of industries:







Product families:

Voltage Electricity

  • MV
  • LV
  • Auxiliary sources
  • Cables & Accessories


  • PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers)
  • HMI (Human-Machine Interfaces)
  • Displays
  • Driving interfaces (Communication gateway, connector…) Networks (Switch…)

Instrumentation & Equipments

  • Sensors (Pressure, Level, Temperature, Flow, Vibration…)
  • Gas analysis (Process, environmental…)
  • Thermal camera / Scanner / Opacimeter / Pyrometer
  • On/Off detection (Position switch, limit switch, cable stop…)
  • Measuring devices (Multimeter, current clamp, luxmeter, insulation tester…)

IT & Security

  • Servers/Computers/Peripherals
  • Software (Microsoft Office, Project, AutoCAD, Caneco LV, antivirus, firewall…)
  • Access control/Intrusion prevention system/Telephony/Intercom/Video

MV/LV Electricity:

  • Medium Voltage cells
  • MV / LV transformer
  • MV capacitors
  • MV starters / drives
  • MV motors
  • Accessories (Fuses, coils, measure and control units…)
  • Safety (Warning signs, emergency pole, gloves…)
  • MCC (Distribution cabinets)
  • Capacitors, regulators
  • Starters
  • Variable speed drives
  • Control transformers, separation
  • Actuators (Motors, gearboxes…)
  • Switch with visible breaking (VCS, switch…)
  • Accessories (Breaker, contactor, relay, local controls…)
  • Power supplies (Modular, stabilized, recovered…)
  • Battery chargers
  • Inverters, rectifiers
  • MV & LV Emergency power units
  • LV/LV Insulation transformers
  • Accessories (Battery, regulator…)
  • MV/LV cables
  • Instrumentation
  • Busbars

Our partners

We supply many different brands of equipment

Smart Parts Services

Depending on your needs, the supply of equipment can be subject to associated services:

  • Obsolescence study

  • Audit

  • Technical definition

  • LV selectivity study

  • Assistance with installation and commissioning

  • Training

  • Logistics (Packaging & Transport)

With the support of our electrical and automation engineering office, IBITEK-Group can advise and assist you in the realization of your projects.

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