At IBITEK we do not see Industry 4.0 as a technological revolution.

The main components that will make it possible to have a fully connected factory tomorrow already exist.

To achieve business objectives, process management is essential because it allows modeling, analysis and finally optimization. It is a method that can be used for repetitive or predictable tasks.

Business processes are the set of manual or automatic activities that allow an organization to achieve a specific objective. Business process management (BPM) is a way to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce costs while reducing the risk of errors and supporting digital transformation efforts.

Business process management is a strategy for optimizing an organization’s business processes. In addition to eliminating ad hoc workflow management practices, BPM can help organizations deliver better products and services to customers.

What are the 3 types of business processes ?

The optimization of business processes can concern different aspects of a company. It is important to understand the 3 main types, in order to be able to optimize processes in an efficient way.


Human-centered business process management is a type of BPM in which people play an essential role. Human actions cannot be fully automated. Optimizing this process will allow you to bring the human potential to the fore, to facilitate the implementation of new processes.

This human-centered approach also reduces human errors and promotes good team cohesion.

For example: you can improve your current recruitment processes.


The optimization of business processes focused on documents, which consists in improving manual (or automatic) processes, which allow to write any type of document: blog article, legal or other…

Focused on integration

Some workers use an average of ten tools a day. By integrating your tools, you can create a single storage source for all your information. Integration-centric business processes make it easy to find the information you need and ensure that nothing gets by you.

Why optimize your company’s business processes?

Business process optimization allows you to identify and analyze the efficiency of the various processes you have implemented in your company. Business process improvement requires a continuous effort over the long term. Automating your business processes will save you time!

Your team members can make significant process improvements, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and achieve their goals faster than if they had to do it alone.

Here is a list of the benefits of business process improvement:

  • automate processes
    save time
  • reduce human error
    eliminate blockages
  • improve efficiency and create effective processes
  • simplify processes
  • improve customer relations

Whether you have a small or large company, implementing business process optimization is feasible. IBITEK can provide you with solutions to make your processes efficient from end to end.

How are business processes (BPM) optimized?

1 – Analysis

Before you can improve a process, you must first understand it. The first step in business process management (BPM) is analysis, also called the design step. During this stage, you examine your current processes and map them from start to finish. At this stage, you don’t change them; you just understand what they are.

2 – Modelling process

Analyze the current process and develop an ideal implementation. Use this process model to see how your new approach would work under various potential scenarios and variables.

3 – Implementation

In the implementation phase, you put your model into action. As you go along, define indicators of success or failure to assess whether this process is actually better than the previous one. If a change is large and unfamiliar, use a change management process to roll it out. We can help you implement an effective process.

4 – Monitoring

Once you have a new process in place, monitor its implementation to see how well it works. Did these changes actually improve the sticking points and inefficient steps? If not, stop the deployment or consider an alternative solution. By monitoring these processes, you can proactively identify any problems and remedy them if necessary.

5 – Optimization

It is important to continuously monitor and optimize business processes once they have been modified to meet the needs of your environment. Process improvement can take time, so business process automation should be an ongoing initiative in your workplace. Regularly look for new ways to improve your environment by automating tasks that have been successfully streamlined, regardless of the scale of your organization.

Automate your business processes to improve efficiency

Business process management software and automation technologies can facilitate the implementation of identified process improvements in real time, but business process management itself is not a technology. Business process management is the first step toward widespread business process automation.

Business automation software makes processes more efficient and less expensive by using computer programs to perform tasks that would otherwise be done manually. While business process management gives you a better understanding of your overall business processes, business process automation helps you to constantly check and optimize these processes against strategic goals.

For this, CRM and artificial intelligence tools can be used to automate manual processes.

We offer manufacturers a set of solutions for collecting, analyzing and enhancing data from the production and logistics environment in order to provide real value to employees, while integrating with the information system already in operation. square.

In this way, each actor can follow the process from the point of view of his own indicators, discuss with his colleagues to solve a problem and work on improvements. All this accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

informatique décisionnelle

Thus, humans remain at the heart of the digital environment.

Developed from the real uses of each profession, our motorcycle: Solution for Industry takes on its full meaning.

Our technical expertise allows us to provide a global solution whose key words are: reliability, scalability, quality, simplicity.

All within a measured budget.

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