The Group


The product range IBIQuity is a response to specific needs identified from you.


An innovative product designed by IBITEK-GROUP is a response to real specific needs, it includes :

  • a client need clearly identified for which no solution is available : this corresponds to the first criteria leading to the creation of an innovative product
  • a perfect integration into the client’s environment, in accordance with techniques and issues known, allowing a specific product to totally meets the need
  • a control, a deployment and a distribution of the solution corresponding to a relevant and consistent criteria

Innovation also strengthens the links between the different engineering disciplines forming your industry: Electricity, Automation and Decision support.

This has led us to create IBIquity, a range of innovative products and services:

Our industrial experience forged with you, enables us to understand your concerns and give you a very specific solution on your main goals.
but your critical applications can not be directly opened on the Internet

Modern technologies for huge constraints :

  • authentication
  • encrypting
  • compression
  • firewall

A solution adapted to your situation, which meets your needs :

  • industrial network not connected to the internet
  • low bandwidth
  • ease of installation and use
  • Access to the DCS system :
    • From the electrical substations for an easy troubleshooting
    • From the meeting room or administrative network (read-only)
    • From an outside access for the on call staff

A calibrated solution for industrial sites :

  • fanless PC, resistant to high temperatures and extreme conditions
  • compact, with no mobile parts and energy saving mode
  • SSD drive for optimal response
  • Available in hardware version or virtualized

IBIDoc, Up-to-date technical documentation


IBICam, On site camera monitoring

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