Ibitek commissions its IBITRUCK software on a Lafarge site, in Morocco.

Lafarge Morocco shall provide itself with trucks flow optimization tool “IBITRUCK”, on its site of BOUSKOURA. The system gradually ramping up. Objective: 400 trucks / day

IBITEK-France-Morocco and CA2E jointly led the project 2TM (Truck Transaction Management) on the Lafarge site of Bouskoura, in Morocco. The 2TM project integrates the software platform IBITRUCK, edited by IBITEK.

The goal of this project was to optimize truck loading flow on site, with a focus on :

  • Customer satisfaction (with a faster delivery and an accurate tracking)
  • Automation of tasks in order to increase efficiency (checking, flow, loading …)
  • Centralization and distribution of information to different positions
  • Two-way communication with ERP and specifically the sale module (order management)

This ambitious project mobilized resources and expertise of our “Business Intelligence” department, on such diverse technologies as RFID authentication, video, recognition of license plates, OPC for barriers and interface with weighbridges. ..