Industrial planning is essential to support the growth of a company. It is divided into several stages, namely the industrial and commercial plan (ICP), the master production plan (MPP), the workload plan (WPP) and the planning and scheduling module. In order to make production management profitable, it is necessary to optimize each step with an efficient system like IBITruck. What is the importance of this solution? How can it be used to optimize industrial planning?

Industrial planning: How does the IBITruck system help?

Industrial planning organizes the production process on a site to harmonize sales forecasts with available human and material resources. The implementation of SOP, MPS, DCP and scheduling optimizes the product manufacturing plan, sales management and inventory. The IBITruck flow management software is integrated into the process to facilitate the management of the vehicle flow.

For information:

  • The industrial and commercial plan (ICP) makes it possible to foresee, from the various commercial data, the means which must be used in production to achieve the various medium and long term objectives. In particular, it allows the workload to be balanced. This planning system plays an essential role and provides a global vision of the company.
  • The master production plan (MPS) allows balancing stocks and different loads. It is also used to monitor the evolution of sales in comparison with the SOP forecasts (calculation of net requirements, sales forecast, order portfolio, etc.).
  • The workload plan (PDC) is used to manage the resources of a project (human, material, time, etc.)IBITruck, un outil pour améliorer le flux

IBITruck is designed and developed by IBITEK Group to help companies improve their industrial planning and make better decisions. Based on a solid experience in the fields of electricity, automation and industrial IT, we have developed a multifunctional planning tool. IBITruck is a modular and scalable software solution for automating the loading and unloading of trucks on an industrial estate.

The objective of this production quantity planning software is to maximize the efficiency of the supply chain. Meeting product delivery dates is vital for customer satisfaction and loyalty. IBITruck allows you to optimize your performance by speeding up the process at every stage.

The IBITruck solution centralizes the planning levels of a company by integrating different technologies such as RFID identification, OCR cameras, IP camera network, automation, OPC UA. The coordinated operation of these elements allows for a quick pick-up of the truck from its arrival to its departure from the site. The events and transactions in the schedule are managed perfectly. The software is regularly updated in real time to meet the needs of the users more precisely.

Industrial planning and scheduling: the application areas of the IBITruck software

To optimize a company’s production scheduling and planning with IBITruck, it is necessary to integrate it at all planning levels to get the most out of its functionality. Our solution is used for a specific set of tasks:

  • Improve vehicle throughput time,
  • Automate the process to reduce human intervention,
  • Reduce order delivery times,
  • Ensure the traceability of operations,
  • Reinforce the security of sales.

Users of the IBITruck automation software have access to all parameters from a desktop computer, touch terminal or industrial station. The management of the truck loading and unloading flow becomes more flexible, which improves the efficiency of the industrial plan and boosts performance.

Industrial planning: the IBITruck system for smoothing out the logistics process on its various levels

Optimizing time is one of the main objectives of industrial planning. Reducing bottlenecks as much as possible makes it possible to accelerate the pick-up of vehicles and to manage the company’s human and material resources as well as possible. This requires a logistics solution that can automate the pickup of vehicles at every point of passage.

With the integrated IBITruck system, companies can optimize truck transit times. All formalities related to the management of access to the site are dematerialized thanks to the use of modern technologies. RFID technology allows access badges to be managed and the driver to be identified quickly. The use of OCR cameras automates license plate recognition. The network of IP cameras allows to take pictures and record videos instantly as soon as the truck arrives.

The IBITruck system facilitates vehicle traffic by automating removable barriers, traffic lights, retractable obstacles, etc. When the truck leaves the premises, the control and printing of the voucher is done without loss of time. The anticipation of the operations to be carried out as soon as the vehicle arrives helps reduce waiting time and accelerate the delivery of products to the customer.

Automate the truck flow with IBITruck

The IBITruck system helps companies to save time in managing the flow of trucks. It automates the loading and unloading of vehicles and the management of weighing operations. These activities can be exhausting for operators because of the constraints. Automation reduces human intervention. Employees work with more comfort and less stress, which impacts industrial performance.

IBITruck is designed for several types of loads: bulk, bag, pallet, etc. Operations such as on-deck weighing of empty tare, detection of finished load and gross weighing are performed more quickly and easily. The system takes care of automatic pallet calculation.

By reducing human intervention through automation, vehicle throughput time on the industrial site is significantly reduced. This optimizes performance and reduces order delivery times. IBITruck is a long-term solution for improving industrial planning and business management. The software’s capabilities are constantly being enhanced to provide users with a more accurate and efficient tool.

Facilitate the traceability of vehicles on site and reinforce the security of orders with an industrial plan

The IBITruck integrated vehicle loading and unloading flow system optimizes the tracking of trucks on the industrial site. Thanks to its integrated camera network, the software provides precise information on each vehicle, from the access point to the exit. This makes it possible to control each step of the process, to know the position of a truck and to facilitate inventory management thanks to RFID, QR and video technology.

The system is capable of generating activity reports, tracking, security, ERP integration and flow monitoring. The data stored in the database can be retrieved at any time. The IBITruck solution secures sales and optimizes delivery times. The precise tracking of flows on site, the automatic issue of proof vessels and their retention help operators to gain time and efficiency.

In addition to its advantages in improving industrial performance, IBITruck is easy to use. It can be interconnected with other planning management technologies such as ERP software. This makes it an indispensable solution for industrial planning. It is possible to contact IBITEK Group for a demo of this software.

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