In the digital age, the industry is undergoing many IT changes. 

Indeed, more and more companies are opting for a computer-assisted maintenance management system. 

The use of maintenance software offers a competitive advantage for companies and industries. 

This is mainly the case of IBIcube which enables industries and companies to gain in performance. IBITEK Group presents you here the benefits of remote maintenance software for industries.

Industrial remote maintenance helps extend the life cycle of equipment

Industrial remote maintenance helps to manage in a targeted way the various interventions to be carried out on all the company’s equipment. 

Thanks to an industrial remote maintenance software, equipment benefits from a better follow-up. 

Better monitored and therefore better maintained, the equipment can then have a longer lifespan which allows companies to save money on the purchase of new equipment.

Industrial remote maintenance software is also very easy to install and use, because most of the time, its configuration does not require the intervention of an industrial technology expert.

Moreover, access rights are easily managed and they can be used on different machines. Opting for an industrial remote maintenance solution such as IBIcube thus offers the possibility to choose a monitoring, control and maintenance tool that is simple, intuitive and easy to control.

Reduced maintenance costs with industrial remote maintenance

With an Industrial Remote Maintenance software, companies benefit from a better control of their expenses because the remote maintenance software allows to gather all the data related to the maintenance in a single system. 

In addition, it also helps to

  • automate the maintenance process
  • improve traceability and planning of interventions on the machines

Supplied with tools to help diagnose breakdowns, the automated management software for industrial remote maintenance also offers the possibility of optimizing intervention time on industrial equipment. 

It is a complete tool which, thanks to its various functionalities and its efficiency, allows a good return on investment for the companies which acquire it.

Reduce storage and supply costs

With an industrial remote maintenance software, it is possible to carry out the resupply of stocks as fast as possible because this tool is equipped with alarm functionalities and automatic controls. 

Industrial remote maintenance thus offers the ability to ensure cost optimization by reducing risks of a possible stock shortage in the company.

On the other hand, the remote assistance solution gives a range of powerful tools able to efficiently manage maintenance of equipment used by companies and industries. 

For example, the industrial remote maintenance software allows to reduce costs of production lines thanks to a perfect targeting of parts to be stored and an intelligent location of them.

Industrial remote maintenance helps improving the maintenance process of the company’s equipment

Having certain information allows companies and industrial groups to better organize themselves. 

Indeed, to improve the company’s productivity, it is necessary to have a clear idea of the functioning and efficiency of a particular equipment. 

It can also be useful to control the maintenance schedule of the equipment and to make sure it is conform. 

All these operations can only be done with an industrial remote maintenance software that has an ISO certification.

The industrial remote maintenance software is a multifunctional tool that provides a real-time overview of all the company’s production equipment by providing all necessary information to ensure an intelligent management of all the machines and equipment. 

In addition, the remote maintenance software is also capable of providing automatic real-time reports about equipment status, thus providing a better understanding of major equipment failures with just a few clicks.

Permanent monitoring of equipment with industrial remote maintenance

The other main benefit of an Industrial remote maintenance is its capacity to perform a permanent monitoring of all the company equipment by only installing the maintenance software on a workstation. 

Most of industrial remote maintenance software such as IBIcube are diagnostic tools that can also be implemented on a smartphone or a tablet, which facilitates the monitoring which can be done at any time, wherever the user is. 

All you need is an internet connection and the necessary identification data. 

Thanks to this software, the production manager can organize his work efficiently, with fewer tasks to execute and saving time in the completion of remaining tasks.

Ensure secure data sharing

One of the main strengths of computer-aided maintenance software is its functionality of communication through automatic e-mail exchanges. 

Indeed, the industrial remote maintenance software efficiently manages data sharing such as electronic messages. 

It is therefore a powerful tool that maintains communication between various departments of the company, offering the possibility of setting up a computerized monitoring system for all the company’s employees. 

This feature is quite convenient, as it can help to detect more easily employees who need training to master the company’s equipment and machines.

Why choose IBIcube for industrial remote maintenance?

Thanks to a gateway solution like IBIcube, it is possible to access remotely to the supervision network and to allow, for example, the validation of access to a meeting room via an on-demand connection, but also to the electrical rooms to carry out breakdowns if necessary. 

Thanks to its connection to the administrative network, IBIcube also offers the opportunity for the on-call staff to access the supervision network from outside.

The industrial remote maintenance software also has a firewall which offers a maximum security during the exchanges between the administrative network and the supervision network thanks to a secured VPN connection and a remote access between the administrative network and the on-call personnel. 

IBIcube also allows the encryption of data exchanged between the command control network and the administrative network, and also has separate network cards with an access by authentication for all users.

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